And Now, The 13 Chicest Living Room Décor Ideas For 2021

And Now, The 13 Chicest Living Room Décor Ideas For 2021

Few rooms are as oft-used and much-loved as the living room. It’s the place to curl up by a fire with a good book, enjoy a movie with your family, and sprawl around with friends while enjoying a delicious glass of vino. Along with the kitchen, the living room likely sees the most foot traffic at home, making it the perfect place to fully express your own interior design style. But when we want to make a change, we like to do it right, which is why we tapped an interior designer to share some of the most popular living room décor ideas for 2021.

Whether you’re looking to make a few little tweaks here and there or want to revamp the whole thing, our expert Javaneh Pirooz has you covered. The winds have been changing in the world of interiors this past year, and folks are looking to invest in their homes to make them more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Being stuck inside for the better part of two years will do that to ya! For her part, Pirooz has been surprised to see a shift for more aesthetically pleasing items, as opposed to cozier pieces. “People want their homes to look like the places they dream of visiting and want to create that form of escapism in their own space,” she tells us.

Adding a fresh coat of paint, jazzing up a bookshelf with new accessories, and a new rug or two can go a long way in transforming the look of your living room. What are you looking to switch up these days? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

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Vintage furniture Investing in vintage furniture can seem daunting, but it’s incredibly worthwhile. These solid, well-made pieces last a lifetime and are visually stunning as well.

Bouclé sofas and chairs There’s a good chance you’ve spotted these fuzzy furnishing on your Instagram feed—they’re everywhere and for good reason. It’s cozy, beautiful, and it looks incredibly high-end. Just about every major retailer is carrying their own version these days, from West Elm to CB2, and more.

Blush tones Sweet blush tones are no longer relegated to baby rooms. They’re a lovely addition to a living room whether it’s an accent piece like a pillow or takes up a bit more real estate in rug form.

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Earthy hues Dreamy sage greens, mustard, and muted browns are abundant in living rooms this year.

Tweed Calling everyone obsessed with the Dark Academia trend! Tweed furnishings and accent pieces add a bit of old-world library-style mystery to the living room.

Statement rugs Bright colors, fuzzy fabrics, and bold patterns mean that rugs are taking center stage in living rooms.

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Natural woods Rattan, wicker, and natural, unfinished and unpainted woods add a rustic element that pairs well with most aesthetics.

Travertine coffee tables Pirooz will give you bonus points if it’s vintage. There’s no denying that the stone coffee table trend is here to stay. It’s a chic, bold statement that also manages to remain fairly understated.

Cantilever chairs These distinct chairs can be found everywhere from the kitchen to the study and, of course, the living room these days.

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Velvet This lush fabric is perfect for couches, pillows, and cozy blankets. It’s a sumptuous way to add a touch of luxury.

Pastel colors Don’t be afraid to add a bit of softness via pastel colors, whether it be on painted walls, furnishings, or accent pieces.

Curvy shapes Whether it’s an 80s-inspired rug, wavy mirror, or curved coffee table, soft curvy shapes are here to stay.

Terracotta Terracotta is not just for pottery anymore! It’s one of the most popular paint shades of the year.

What’s your favorite living room design trend of the year? Let us know in the comments!