Where To Buy Bulk Cat Food?

Where To Buy Bulk Cat Food?

Buying bulk cat food by the pallet is easy. Still, it may offer significant cost savings, especially if you're a retail business stocking a pet food section or an animal sanctuary feeding several mouths daily. Some companies offer discounts through stock clearing, discontinued lines, or bulk sales. In the table below, you'll find 14 sources that stock bulk cat food.

Best Places To Cat Food


The pet meals sold by AlphaDogFood are all products of the company's own production and development. Despite what the name implies, they also sell cat food and dog food. The firm promises nutritious and high-quality pet food, and they provide discounts for large purchases. Although the sites primary demographic is pet owners interested in making financial savings through a pet food subscription, the business also caters to wholesale customers.

King Wholesale Pet Supplies

Initially, King Wholesale Pet Supplies was a mail-order catalog that catered to pet professionals like groomers and veterinary clinics by offering wholesale prices. Wholesale and bulk savings are now available to businesses like yours, as well as veterinary clinics, pet stores, and grooming parlors. The firm has not only a website but also a mail-order service, with a catalog that is about 200 pages long.


Stendhal Exports has a massive selection of wholesale goods available for purchase. Pet supplies are also included, and you may choose from a wide variety of cat kibble and canned food options. With the organization's help, consumers may source their inventory with no effort and save 10% to 45%, according to the company.


Pet food that has passed its expiration date or is about to do so is being sold by Michigan-based company CloseOutPet. Nothing is worn or damaged since they always offer new things and never withdraw them from the shelf. They provide a variety of snacks, candies, and apparel. Aside from dog food, they also have food for cats.


One online option for liquidation is Direct Liquidation. Although you can buy cat food by the pallet, you can purchase smaller bulk supplies, and they carry tier-1 brands, unlike other liquidators. You'll need to sign up for an account on the auction site Direct Liquidation before you place a bid, but doing so may save you a tonne of money on your next case of cat food if you buy in bulk.

Groupe Lewisco Investissements

One such liquidator is Lewis Holdings. The business now concentrates on procuring and delivering consumables, such as pet food. Organic pet food and treats are available, as well as kibble and dried food.


uShip functions much like an online marketplace. Businesses advertise available items on pallets, potential customers show interest, and carriers provide transportation quotes. The pallet usually knows cat food. However, predicting what will be advertised or where in a marketplace is impossible.


Internet retailer Alibaba.com. If you want cat food from the site, you'll have to buy 500 bags at least because that's the minimum order quantity for most goods. Because Alibaba is based in China, you may also locate goods that aren't distributed in the United States and take advantage of substantial cost discounts.